Fashion Friday ~ Summer Days, Drifting Away…

Is Labor Day the true end of Summer?  I am definitely a Fall Lover (by far my fave season!)  I was already collecting plaids in June and had my Winter Fashion Inspiration board on Pinterest started in April.  But this summer I got so many amazing pieces for my wardrobe, I’m feeling a little bit torn!  I decided this week to take it day by day.  If I feel like wearing plaid and scarves one day, I will.  If I feel like wearing shorts and a breezy mint tank, okay!  At least while the warm weather is still here!

I am a HUGE fan of maxi dresses for many reasons.  At the top of the list, though, is that it keeps you breezy when it is warm, but also keeps you warm when it is cool outside!  For the warm end of summer days, add a cardi and hat to throw on when it cools down at night, and you are all set!

In light of that, I really wanted to wear my gorgeous LC Lauren Conrad Floral Shirtdress!  Unfortunately I just saw that it is sold out online, but I found a few more available on Ebay, and you might still be able to find it in store at your local Kohl’s!  (Update: I checked, and they still have a good selection of these at my local Kohl’s!)

IMG_1307 IMG_1338

1339b (1 of 1)-2


Get the look!

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Shirtdress Maxi (polyvore link, shows similar products)

or Get it on Ebay! 

Woven Fedora (similar match)

Brown Belt (similar match)

Candies Ankle Boots (similar match)

Ivory Pointelle Cardigan (similar match)

Happy Friday!  (& Fashion Week!)




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