Fashion Friday!

Here is my outfit from last Friday!  The theme this week was Back to School / Summer to Fall.  Its always hard with August and September, because the anticipation of Fall and all the beautiful clothes is coming, but at the same time (if you are like me) you haven’t even gotten to wear all your amazing summer outfits yet and still want some use out of them!  So I’m trying to combine some of my pieces into outfits that have a Fall vibe but are still breezy and cool (and have a hint of summer left).  After all, its not cold yet!  (At least where I live!)

Here’s what I came up with!


Chambray is great for any season (but especially reminds me of Fall), a great circle skirt, some boots, and a braid!  I also LOVE the art of print mixing!  I love how all the old “fashion rules” and dos & don’ts I remember as a kid have been thrown out the window!

Here is a list of all the pieces (some of them are gone so I put alternatives!)

LC Lauren Conrad Umbrella Pull-On Skirt (exact match)

Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Rianne Boot in Cognac (exact match)

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s Key Pendant (style I have on is sold out, this is a new option, a bit longer and silver)

Women’s Classic Chambray Shirts (style I have on from Old Navy is sold out. This is another version from Old Navy!)

IMG_0859 - Copy


IMG_0862 - Copy


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